Podcast Equipment

Podcasting for Small Businesses

It’s a golden age for podcasting. Brands of all kinds are recognising the incredible power and reach podcasting has to offer. Brands can engage their customers in a more personal and conversational way. The portability offered by podcasting means that business owners can inform and entertain their listeners, whether they are sat down or on the move.

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Old Typewriter

Copywriting vs. Content Writing: What’s the Difference?

Copywriting is about persuasion, whereas content writing is about informing and entertaining. Though important as stand-alone approaches, the goal is ultimately the same: to generate sales. Their relationship is an interlocking, symbiotic one, and together, they prove to be quite a formidable team.

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Notes From the Video Editing Room

Memory and video editing are inextricably linked. At their core, both designate meaning to snapshots in time. However, there’s a crucial difference. We are not in charge of our memories. Funnily enough, memory seems to have a mind of its own. The video editor, however, is very much in charge of what is remembered and what is not.

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