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Breaking the mould: We redefine the digital agency experience
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We’re an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency based in London, UK, specialising in website design and development, creative content, SEO, social media and consulting. Our purpose is clear – to empower businesses with the tools they need to succeed online. We work mainly with small and medium-sized service-based businesses. What binds our clients together is their ambition – the desire to succeed online.

Our secret sauce? It’s all about the interplay of marketing science and creativity. Every Altlier project kicks off with a deep dive into data, allowing us to carve out precise audience segments and tailor our strategy across various digital channels.

What sets us apart from other agencies is our in-depth knowledge of marketing psychology and neurodesign, which we apply to craft experiences that captivate, engage and convert. We go beyond surface-level strategies, and we harness the power of emotions, perceptions and cognitive biases to design digital solutions that leave a profound impact on our clients’ target markets.

Our team members have over a decade of experience in content creation, digital marketing and web design, which powers our ability to create effective online strategies and websites. While our work is firmly grounded in the latest marketing insights, we also believe that great ideas are born when you dare to think differently. At Altlier, we’re all about the balance between science and art and between data and creativity. You can find out more about our services, process and methods on our FAQ page.

We defy conventions and redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the digital space, but we always operate in line with Picasso's words: "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

Our mission is to catapult your business into the spotlight, positioning it as an unruly force that cannot be ignored. From building visually appealing and highly performing websites that captivate your audience to developing ingenious marketing campaigns that break through the noise, we’re here to be your trusted partner in defying mediocrity. We’ll listen to your dreams, sprinkle our magic and bring your vision to life.

So, step into the Altlier world and let’s embark on an extraordinary adventure together. Get ready to disrupt the market, make a splash and create a digital presence that is as unique as you are. The future of digital awaits, and we’re here to help you seize it.

Our Process

Bringing Vision to Life

  1. Onboarding Form

    We start by understanding your business, priorities and target audience. We will ask you to provide a full brief by completing an Onboarding Form, which includes information on the specifics of your order and expected deliverables, unique selling proposition, brand voice, ideal clients and any pre-existing content you would like us to use. Complete the form within 48 hours to allow us to start working on your project.
  2. Kick-Off Meeting

    For web design and consulting services, we arrange a kick-off meeting. This meeting is a collaborative exploration that sets the stage for developing a personalised and effective digital solution. Based on the information from the onboarding form, we dive deeper into your goals, challenges and objectives.
  3. Dedicated Contact

    From the point of booking our services until the final deliverables are completed, you will have a dedicated account manager who will be your main point of contact. Your account manager will be available to answer any questions you might have throughout the project, and they will coordinate the work of our team members working on your order, ensuring your brief is strictly followed and the final product is in line with your requirements.
  4. UK-Based Marketing Experts

    Your deliverables will be developed by our team of digital marketing and web design experts. Depending on the specifics of your order, the team working on your project may include a web designer and developer, an SEO consultant, a graphic designer, a multimedia producer, a voice-over actor, a copywriter, a content creator, a copyeditor or a marketing psychology consultant.
  5. Final Product

    Your account manager will ensure that you receive your final product by the deadline specified at the time of booking. You will be asked to request any changes you might require within 7 days of receiving the product, and our team will revise the product as per your feedback. Your account manager will conduct a final quality assurance check before sending you the final deliverables.

Our Founders

Altliers: One Team, Infinite Possibilities

Lana Durjava

Managing Director
Lana Durjava is a white female with long brown hair.

Chris Stylianou

Creative Director
Chris Stylianou is a white male with short black hair.

Our Values

Guiding Principles for Excellence

  1. Transparency


    We are committed to open and honest communication with our clients and employees
  2. Integrity


    We uphold honesty, accountability and reliability in all business practices and interactions
  3. Passion


    We demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication and passion for the work we do
  4. Proactiveness


    We take initiative and anticipate clients' needs to provide timely and effective solutions
  5. Adaptability


    We are flexible and agile in adapting to changing market dynamics and client requirements
  6. Innovation


    We constantly seek new and innovative approaches to enhance our marketing strategies