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From drafts to digital: An editing website's evolution
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Project Summary

Client: An editing startup

Service: WordPress development, website design, SEO and performance optimisation

Result: An aesthetically striking website with user-friendly interface and fast loading times, optimised for performance, security and SEO


Edit Levinas is a startup offering editing services for academics and professionals. Seeking to bolster their online presence, they envisioned a website that would not only enhance their brand identity but also draw in new clients. They wanted a fast performing, SEO-optimised, fully responsive website with intuitive interface to ensure a seamless experience for their visitors.

Our Solution

  • Developing a website that blends eye-catching aesthetics with an intuitive user journey

Through a collaborative and consultative approach, we set forth on a mission to translate Edit Levinas’ aspirations into a digital masterpiece. Prioritising user experience and brand resonance, we designed a website that is both visually compelling and functionally seamless. Drawing inspiration from the precision and finesse inherent in editing, we incorporated slick typography, refined visuals and an intuitive navigation system, ensuring visitors would not only find what they’re looking for but enjoy the journey along the way.

Recognising the importance of performance and visibility in today’s digital age, we optimised the website for performance and SEO. This ensures that Edit Levinas stands out in search results, making it easier for academics and professionals to discover their standout editing services. The fully responsive design guarantees a flawless experience across all devices, catering to users on-the-go or at their desks. With this cohesive digital solution, Edit Levinas is poised to make a mark in the editing industry.

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  • Optimising the website for performance

To ensure the fast loading speed, we optimised the website for performance by the following actions: we minified CSS and JavaScript, eliminated render-blocking resources, set up a content delivery network (CDN) and configured CDN and hosting settings, deferred JavaScript and off-screen images, preloaded critical resources, hosted fonts locally, optimised the database, set up and configured efficient caching policy, implemented brotli compression, minimised main-thread work, and optimised, compressed and efficiently encoded images.

Edit Levinas Performance Score
  • Optimising the website for SEO and accessibility

We specified title and meta tags, included meta descriptions, used clean and descriptive URLs, added alt text for images, appropriately indexed pages, used legible font sizes, implemented internal linking, optimised the website for mobile devices with responsive design and quick loading times, and created an XML sitemap and robots.txt file. We also ensured that all headings are in a sequentially descending order, background and foreground colours have a sufficient contrast ratio, and all links have a discernible name.

  • Implementing high-level website security

In addition to the user-facing features, we paid meticulous attention to behind-the-scenes elements that are crucial for a successful online business. We implemented advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive customer data and protect against cyber threats. We set up security headers, disabled XML RPC and username phishing, implemented login and SPAM protection, and set up full SSL/TLS encryption mode, firewall rules, regular backups and malware scans, and automatic HTTPS rewrites.

EL Security Score

Final Product

The final product is a visually captivating, high-performing website meticulously tailored for the editing industry. Emphasising both aesthetics and functionality, the site features slick typography, elegant visuals and an intuitive navigation system. With a focus on user experience, the design is fully responsive, ensuring flawless viewing across all devices. Enhanced for SEO and optimal performance, the website is primed to rank high in search results, effectively reaching its target audience of academics and professionals.

Altlier have truly transformed our brand's online presence. The design they crafted is eye-catching and highly intuitive, providing an exceptional user experience for our customers. Altlier seamlessly integrated all the necessary functionalities, from e-commerce to responsive design, ensuring that ourwebsite performs flawlessly across all devices. Since launching the new website, we have witnessed a substantial increase in website traffic, user engagement and conversions.
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Lauren Morris
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